Wirtualna Polska doubles EBITDA profit

25 sierpnia 2021

Adjusted EBITDA of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. in the second quarter of 2021 exceeded PLN 77 million. That’s 99% above the result posted in the corresponding period of the year before. In H1 2021, EBITDA stood at almost PLN 138 million, and revenues approached PLN 400 million, having increased by 52%. Wirtualna Polska is developing new advertising products, which allow for independent campaign planning and settlements based on actual sales.

The previous year did not disturb the long-term growth trend of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. This is confirmed by the results of both the second quarter and the entire first half of 2021. Combined sales revenues in the online and TV segments in Q2 2021 were PLN 218 million, net profit was PLN 42.7 million, and adjusted EBITDA was PLN 77 million, an increase of 99%. The company closed H1 2021 with an EBITDA of PLN 138 million and a net profit of almost PLN 70 million.

-_ The doubling of revenue and EBITDA means that the second quarter recorded the highest growth in at least a decade. I would like to thank all the Wirtualna Polska Holding associates for this great success. We have an ambition to maintain the growth in the coming periods, which is one of the reasons why today we are releasing a new tool called WP Ads. Independent management of advertising campaigns for e-commerce stores, without intermediaries and billing for actual sales. –_ says Jacek Świderski, President of the Management Board of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A.

After Wirtualna Polska launched the WP Sales Booster, now further clients may use a new tool, WP Ads. It is a platform that allows them to independently plan and manage their advertising campaigns and mailings. It bypasses middlemen and ensures settlements based on actual sales (ROAS). WP Ads is the first product of this kind on the advertising market, available initially for 5 industries: clothing and footwear, home and garden, electronics and media, sports and health and beauty.

Wirtualna Polska also continues its process of going green. Having launched its first test photovoltaic farm for a server-hosting facility in April, in July 2021 the company bought a large solar farm in Lower Silesia. The total value of the deal was PLN 12.4 million. Green electricity generated from own production already covers almost half of WP’s power consumption needs for running its server-hosting facilities. The aim of these efforts is for Wirtualna Polska to reach zero emissions and climate neutrality by 2023.

Wirtualna Polska is a technological holding group involved in media, advertising and e-commerce business. It owns the WP Home Page and operates specialized topical websites such as money.pl, WP SportoweFakty and autocentrum.pl. In the e-commerce sector, WP operates in the areas of leisure travel (wakacje.pl, nocowanie.pl), fashion (domodi.pl and allani.pl), interior design (homebook.pl), house design (extradom.pl), financial services (totalmoney.pl) and automotive (superauto.pl). According to a Mediapanel survey, in July 2021, 21.1 million Poles used WP’s online products.