Report 26/2016

27 października 2016

Current Report No. 26/2016 dated 27 October 2016

Conclusion of an agreement between a subsidiary of of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. and EmiTel sp. z o.o. regarding access to the MUX8

Legal basis: Article 17 sec. 1 of the Regulations on Market Abuse – confidential information

Content of Report:

The Management Board of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. (“Company”), in relation to current report 37/2015 dated 5th of November 2015 and current report nr 3/2016 dated 15 January 2016 hereby announces that on 27 October 2016 subsidiary of the Company, i.e. WP1 sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw (“WP1”) and EmiTel sp z o.o. have concluded an agreement regarding acces to the MUX8.

The subject of the Agreement is i.a.:

  • placement and transmission on the MUX8 of the WP1 television programme by EmiTel,
  • granting WP1 access to the MUX8 on fair and non-discriminatory conditions
  • granting WP1 a non-stop digital transmission of the MUX8 signal

The Agreement comes into force on the 1st December 2016 and has been concluded for a specified period of time that is dependent on the broadcasting license for the transmission of a television programme that is until 13 January 2026. The total value of the contract in this term amount to PLN 62,7 mln which includes PLN 4 mln of the return of the public fees for the usage of the broadcast frequency. The yearly average cost of the contract amounts to PLN 7 mln.
Total amount of indemnities/damages both contractual or from delicts of both Parties has been limited the amount of the payment due to EmiTel from WP1 for the period of 36 months of the contract. This does not refer to intentional incurrence of damages.

Legal basis: Article 17 sec. 1 of the Regulations on Market Abuse – disclosure of a confidential information.

Signatures of the individuals representing the Company:
Jacek Świderski – President of the Management Board/Chief Executive Officer
Elżbieta Bujniewicz – Belka – Member of the Management Board/Chief Financial Officer