About us

Czym zajmuje się Wirtualna Polska Holding

Who we are

Wirtualna Polska is a capital group headed by Wirtualna Polska Holding SA with its registered office in Warsaw, Poland, at Żwirki i Wigury street 16. Our Group operates in Poland. We create innovative workplace environments in many locations across Poland.

What we do

Our e-commerce, advertising and media activities share the same crucial trait, i.e. modern technologies. We strive to remain the first-choice partner of Poles. Our services, platforms and systems are prepared based on modern solutions that allow us to precisely target individual groups of users.


Our tourist websites ensure a comprehensive offer to travelers and persons looking for accommodation opportunities both in Poland and abroad. Our portfolio includes the first Polish tourist portal Wakacje.pl and a dynamically growing chain of stores across the country. Every day, our websites post current offers of the largest, reputable organizers of tourist events. We support consumers in their shopping decisions with our unique data base of hotels and destination reviews, as well as the biggest tourist discussion forum featuring new interesting topics and travel accounts on a daily basis. Users who wish to spend holidays in Poland may also use such website as nocowanie.pl, which offer the broadest database of accommodation opportunities in Poland.


Since it is our mission to support our users in their daily decisions, we also operate two most powerful fashion search engines in Poland, i.e. domodi.pl and allani.pl. These platforms feature several hundred thousand products offered by hundreds of online stores.

Interior decor and house design

Homebook.pl is a modern platform dedicated to interior design enthusiasts and professionals alike. Users have the opportunity to search through hundreds of thousands of products offered by several hundred home and interior stores. In an extensive inspiration section, it presents interior design arrangements, tips and trends, as well as a data base of professionals in the field. Extradom.pl in turn is a specialist website offering online architectural designs for purchase. Both brands integrate the consumer shopping path, starting from house design, though construction materials and ending with interior decor.

Financial services

We also assist our users in taking vital financial decisions. On the websites operated by the WP Group one may compare and select best insurance, credit, loan, card and bank account offers. In plain language our experts explain even the most complex financial terms, helping users find their way through the world of finances. For users interested in in-depth knowledge, our experts prepare professional rankings and analyses.

The automotive sector

Purchasing and financing a car is another area of e-commerce which WP is involved in. In this domain we operate the superauto.pl website, offering a wide range of brand-new cars from authorized dealers of various car makes. With top-notch customer service rendered by a team of experienced consultants, both individual customers and companies will find financing for car purchase, lease or rental without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices.
Every day, our journalists continue to prepare new content, including multiple interviews, video coverage, opinions, features and news. Readers receive access to current information, comments on up-to-date developments and trivia from the world of entertainment. This is what makes Wirtualna Polska a site which internet users cannot spend a day without.

We broadcast WP TV (Telewizja WP), accessible as a terrestrial tv on multiplex 8 (MUX8), via satellite platforms, leading cable television providers and through our own WP Pilot service that allows to receive traditional television in an online format. Our users can also listen to the most popular Polish online radio OpenFM. This is not all, as we also facilitate communication e.g. by providing an e-mail service (WP Poczta and o2) used by over 10 million people every month.

Find out more on WP Media on a dedicated website media.wp.pl
Wirtualna Polska offers a host of online advertising products on the Polish market. They include display ads such as online video ads, e-mail ads, mobile ads as well as pay for performance advertising (whose pricing depends on the number of users who go to a website, fill in a form, register, purchase goods or services as well as lead generation and performance marketing statistics). For many years now, WP has been developing sales using a smart programmatic model providing a range of extensive metrics to measure the campaign success.

As the first player in Poland, WP implemented the #PłaćZaWidzialne (#PayForTheViewable) for display campaigns, replacing standard CPM pricing with the far more efficient vCPM model (cost per viewed mile). As part of another pricing model, #PłaćZaObejrzane (#PayForTheViewed), it was also the first market participant to introduce a 3x100 offer. Under this new, qualitative pricing model, the rates depend most of all on the spot length.

The WP team was also the pioneer in implementing the DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) format. Accompanied by the marketing automation technology developed by WP, it helps create additional reach and ensures smoother ad personalization, both for display and video spots.