About us

The business of Wirtualna Polska Holding

Who we are

Wirtualna Polska is a capital group headed by Wirtualna Polska Holding SA with its registered office in Warsaw, Poland, at Żwirki i Wigury street 16. Our Group operates in Poland and also across the Central and Eastern Europe, i.e. in countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, as well as Romania, Croatia, Germany and Lithuania

What we do

Our e-commerce, advertising and media activities share the same crucial trait, i.e. modern technologies. We strive to remain the first-choice partner. Our services, platforms and systems are prepared based on modern solutions that allow us to precisely target individual groups of users.


We are developing the international tourism agent business (Wakacje.pl) and the domestic tourism business (Szallas Group companies and Nocowanie.pl). Wakacje.pl, a company that sells organized international trips in Poland, operates using an omnichannel model, offering the widest range or products and maintaining long-term relationships with tour operators. The Szallas Group, acquired in 2022, is the leading platform offering local tourism services in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

Consumer Finance

In this category, we offer intermediation in obtaining financing for the purchase of new cars via the Internet through the Superauto company and the financial product comparison website - Totalmoney. Both companies cooperate closely with financial institutions, and their results are largely influenced by the sale of financial products.

Other brands

The Group additionally sells house designs through Extradom. We also have a modern platform for interior design enthusiasts and professionals - Homebook and Selsey. WP also has “green assets” – photovoltaic farms operating under the WP Naturalnie brand, which produce energy from renewable sources.
Every day, our journalists continue to prepare new content, including multiple interviews, video coverage, opinions, features and news. Readers receive access to current information, comments on up-to-date developments and trivia from the world of entertainment. This is what makes Wirtualna Polska a site which internet users cannot spend a day without.

We broadcast WP TV (Telewizja WP), accessible as a terrestrial tv on multiplex 8 (MUX8), via satellite platforms, leading cable television providers and through our own Pilot WP service that allows to receive traditional television in an online format.

This is not all, as we also facilitate communication e.g. by providing an e-mail service (WP Poczta and o2) used by over 10 million people every month.

Find out more on WP Media on a dedicated website media.wp.pl
In this area, we focus on increasing the sales of online advertising, on our own spaces and on external spaces - we mediate in the sale of advertising space of other publishers, as part of the WPartner project. In addition, parallel to advertising, we are developing a subscription area based on Pilot WP (TV programs available online) and Audioteka (purchase of a controlling stake in September 2022). In addition, we cooperate with Patronite, of which we are a minority shareholder.

The WP team was also the pioneer in implementing the DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) format. Accompanied by the marketing automation technology developed by WP, it helps create additional reach and ensures smoother ad personalization, both for display and video spots.