The three pillars of our Sustainable Development Strategy

Positive impact on climate and environment
Independence, journalistic ethics, network security
Highest standards of management and supervision
We are aware of the enormous environmental, social and corporate governance challenges.
We know the impact we have on the environment and the impact the environment has on us. We have ambitious targets for the coming years regarding the share of green energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Their implementation will ensure that running our business will be entirely „green“.
Independent journalism is the foundation of democracy. It should be based on the pillars of free and genuine public debate, full access to information and the fight against disinformation and its negative effects.

Independent media exercise a controlling function, guarding democracy and the rule of law.

As a company operating in the media and internet industry, we consider it our duty to contribute to the development of ethical business practices and do our part in creating, promoting and supporting stringent ethical standards.

Our mission is to provide millions of users with reliable information and sustainable online services and products.
ESG Strategy
In order to take the next step towards sustainability, we have devised this ESG Strategy for 2022-2025 with development directions until 2030.
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UN Sustainable Development Goals
The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the „signpost“ for any sustainability initiative.
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Our strategic objectives
By meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in our ESG Strategy, we become part of a global community of organizations that operate in a sustainable and responsible manner.
  • We will fight against digital exclusion
  • We will provide a work environment that respects equality and diversity
  • We will maintain good relationships with financial institutions
  • We will use only zero- and low-carbon energy sources
  • We will take care of our employees' well-being
  • We will provide competitive and developmental working conditions
  • We will ensure non-exclusionary language in our services
  • We will be a safe place online
  • We will increase the recovery rate of end-of-life IT hardware
  • We will raise consumer awareness by publishing climate change content in news services
  • We will make it easier for customers to access sustainable services and products
  • We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • We will increase the energy efficiency of data centers and buildings
  • We will use only zero- and low-carbon energy sources
  • We will raise consumer awareness by publishing climate change content in news services
  • We will carry out activities that will result in a positive impact on biodiversity
  • We will ensure the highest standards of information integrity

Our actions

Financing of Wirtualna Polska’s investments linked to sustainable development goals

Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. as the first Polish company operating in the media and technology area signed a financing agreement based on ESG goals. They are in line with ...

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Wirtualna Polska has adopted its first Sustainable Development Strategy

Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. has adopted the Sustainable Development Strategy for 2022-2025. The document describes three key areas of activity - environment, society ...

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Wirtualna Polska has planted a forest

More than 100 thousand people took part in three stages of the nationwide EcoTest, which tested the knowledge of ecology among Poles. According to its promise, for each ...

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Non-financial information

For more information about sustainability at Wirtualna Polska Holding view the document below.

Communication on progress UN Global Compact

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