ShareholdersNumber of shares% of shares in the share capitalNumber of votes% of votes at the GM
Jacek Świderski via subsidiaries:3,779,66712.897,542,90418.58
including Orfe S.A.3,779,66712.897,542,90418.58
Michał Brański via subsidiaries:3,775,41612.887,538,65218.57
including 10X S.A.3,767,48812.857,530,72418.55
Krzysztof Sierota via subsidiaries:3,771,16412.877,534,40018.56
including Albemuth Inwestycje S.A.3,763,23612.847,526,47218.54
Founders altogether*11,326,24738.6422,615,95655.70
Allianz OFE3,597,10312.273,597,1038.86
Allianz TFI2,034,5826.942,034,5825.01
Other shareholders (freefloat)12,355,32242.1512,355,32230.43

* Founders in connection with the shareholders agreement concluded on 19 March 2015 by the Founders and their subsidiaries (Orfe S.A., 10X S.A. and Albemuth Inwestycje S.A.) concerning joint voting at the general meeting of the Company and conducting a long-term policy towards the Company within the meaning of Article 87 section 1(5) of the Act on Public Offerings, the Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organized Trading, and on Public Companies dated 29 July 2005