Wirtualna Polska has joined Diversity Charters Signatory


At the beginning of this year, Wirtualna Polska adopted a Sustainable Development Strategy, one of the pillars of which is providing employees with development opportunities and a work environment that respects diversity. Now the company has signed the Diversity Charter, an initiative under the auspices of the European Commission and one of the important steps in the implementation of the strategy.

The Diversity Charter is an international initiative which in Poland is coordinated by the Responsible Business Forum. It aims to disseminate and promote equal treatment in the workplace. By signing it, we agree not to tolerate any discrimination on the basis of gender, psychosexual orientation, background, race, age and many other factors that just make us different. The idea behind the Diversity Charter is to nurture differences.

"Good leadership requires surrounding yourself with people of diverse perspectives who are willing and able to voice their opinions without fear. The path to diversity at WP begins with mentoring and supporting the development of our employees along their career path. What is important to us is competence, not gender, age or background. We value diverse insights and know that they lead to better results in all areas of business. This is what we and our employees care about most," says Elżbieta Bujniewicz-Belka, CFO of Wirtualna Polska Holding.

Mutual respect, equality and tolerance - these are the values that Wirtualna Polska has been following for a long time. The company is openly involved in social campaigns and strongly opposes discrimination. It shapes the rules of employment and cooperation with its self-employed contractors on its own, in consideration of the type and quality of work or services, its needs and possibilities, and the market environment. It applies in practice the principles of equal treatment, including as part of its hiring and compensation policy. It supports employee development and actively promotes the role of women in management. Before commencing work, everyone must become familiar with the Ethics Compass and the Procedure for Dealing with Undesirable Behaviors.

Joining the signatories of the Diversity Charter gives WP additional certainty that these values will be maintained and further nourished.

For more information about the Diversity Charter see http://kartaroznorodnosci.pl/.