Wirtualna Polska invests in Patronite


Wirtualna Polska is investing in Patronite, the largest Polish Internet service connecting creators with their patrons. As a result, WP users will have access to new high-quality content and its authors, while creators will be given wider opportunities to develop their passions. The value of the investment is more than PLN 12.6 mln.

Patronite is the largest platform in Poland liaising gifted creative individuals with people who regularly support their passions. Patrons, by making monthly donations, build closer relationships with creators, who in turn can count on stable and predictable development of their projects. Patronite builds communities around passionate people who wish to reach their audience with valuable messages and high-quality content. More than 7,000 independent individuals are already registered on the platform, including journalists, podcasters, athletes, youtubers and bloggers, but also associations or foundations.

‘Today, it is not only major portals and well-known publishers or TV stations that are growing rapidly on the Internet. Independent, freelance developers who build daily relationships with the users thanks to their hard work are also of great importance. By investing in Patronite, on the one hand we want to help them pursue their passions, and on the other hand we also intend to learn from them,’ says Jacek Świderski, CEO of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A.

Wirtualna Polska holds 40% of shares in Patronite. The value of the investment is more than PLN 12.6 mln. Authors affiliated with Patronite will gain access to a wider audience and new methods of obtaining subscription-based funding.

‘Patrons have funded a whole generation of independent journalists, radio stations, newspapers, podcasters or filmmakers in Poland. We are happy that together with Wirtualna Polska we will be able to take another step in the fulfilment of our mission – we would like to make it possible for valuable creators to reach the widest possible audience with their message, but also for as many of them as possible to turn their passion into work, rewarded with a monthly salary,’ says Tadeusz Chełkowski, founder of Patronite.pl.

Patronite.pl is the largest subscription crowdfunding platform in Poland. The portal makes it possible to build relationships between talented creators and their audiences, based on a unique model: fans support Authors with regular donations, funding their monthly salaries – in return, they receive dedicated prizes and an opportunity to grow meaningful relationships with the creator. There are more than 7,000 creators, organizations, athletes and other passionate individuals on Patronite.pl, supported by more than 650,000 Patrons. Some of the individuals and initiatives, operating through the support of Patrons, include: Radio Nowy Świat, Radio 357, Dariusz Rosiak or the Sekielski brothers. Patronite helps Authors develop their passions, gain sustainable income and full creative independence – Patrons, in turn, become guardians of valuable content and initiatives, establishing deep relationships with their Creators.