Wirtualna Polska posts record profits in 2021. The company invests in the editorial team, technologies and advertising products


The 2021 net profit of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. amounted to nearly PLN 188 million, marking a 130% improvement vs. 2020. The company continued to invest in the media and technology area and increased its employment level. Today, WP extended the functionality of its advertising system, including the WP Ads product offering self-service capability for campaigns carried out by customers from all industries.

In 2021, total sales revenues of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. in the online and TV segments reached more than PLN 872 million. They were 38% higher compared to 2020. Adjusted EBITDA was up 42% to almost PLN 308 million. The posted net profit was PLN 188 million.

“I am happy to inform you that today we are opening our WP Ads self-service panel for managing advertising campaign for all industries. Also, in addition to the retargeting based on the actual ad spend (RoAS), CPC mailing and prospecting, as of today we are also offering standard CPC and vCPM display campaigns. We are delighted that as many as 100 clients have opened WP Ads accounts since August and we hope that the new offering announced today will meet with a positive response from our current and new clients,” says Jacek Świderski, the CEO of Wirtualna Polska Holding.

In the second half of 2021, Wirtualna Polska launched WP Ads, a self-service tool for managing advertising campaigns on the advertising space of WP and other publishers in the WPartner network. WP Ads offers settlement for actual sales made by the client in retargeting campaigns, while in the CPC model it offers mailing and prospecting display campaigns. As of today, WP Ads will offer display campaigns in the CPC and vCPM model and native advertising in the CPC model.

After registering and funding the account at https://ads.wp.pl, anyone can upload materials and set broadcasting parameters.

“When we created WP Ads, our teams wanted to eliminate, as much as possible, the barriers of entry for our clients. Not only the business barriers, because campaigns can be set up from as little as PLN 100, but mainly those related to registration and navigation within the tool. It is intuitive and simple and, at the same time, guarantees precise and effective advertising," adds Jacek Świderski.

In WP Ads, users will find options to able to, among other things, create banner campaigns, in which they can select a specific target group, choose specific devices or topical categories of the websites. Special algorithms are responsible for the optimal placement choices.

The only thing needed is to select the customer segment, to which the advertising is addressed. The panel enables campaigns to be broadcast with various publishers and e-commerce platforms, not only on the advertising space of Wirtualna Polska.

The Company is investing in the media area, strengthening its editorial teams and increasing headcount numbers. For 10 months of 2021, the WP Main Page was ranked 1st in the Mediapanel survey as the page most frequently visited by Internet users. WP’s journalistic investigations and publications uncovered irregularities and led to changes in the law and in public institutions. As a result, over the last months of 2021, Wirtualna Polska was the most cited medium in Poland.

In 2021, Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. invested in its own renewable energy sources. As a result, the production of green energy from photovoltaic farms already accounts for 44% of the Group’s total electricity consumption.