Wirtualna Polska’s valuation exceeds PLN 2 billion


The record-breaking price of Wirtualna Polska Holding’s stocks pushed the capitalization to over PLN 2 billion. WP is among the fastest growing companies from the MWIG40 index on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. WPH’s sales revenue in H1 2019 in the online and TV segments increased year-on-year by 34%, reaching PLN 335 million.

The share price of Wirtualna Polska Holding has been systematically growing. On Tuesday, 1 October, it stood at PLN 69, which brought a record-breaking capitalization of over PLN 2 billion, and the company found itself among the fastest growing companies from the MWIG40 index.

– I would like to thank all Wirtualna Polska employees for this difficult journey we have travelled together. Joint repurchase of Poland’s oldest Internet brand and restoring its former glory is the success of all of us. Six years ago, there were six hundred of us, now there are nearly two thousand. Each of us, regardless of the position and company in the group, can attribute this success to themselves – says Jacek Świderski, CEO of Wirtualna Polska Holding.

Wirtualna Polska was bought out by the o2 Group and the Innova Capital fund from Orange Polska in 2014 for PLN 383 million. Since then the value of the Group has been increasing. The company’s capitalization exceeded PLN 1 billion in 2015. Currently 39.06% of the capital and 56.13% votes are owned by Jacek Świderski, Michał Brański and Krzysztof Sierota.

In H1 2019 the total sales revenue of Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. in the online and TV segments increased year-on-year by 34%, reaching PLN 335 million. Operating profit rose by nearly one fifth, while net profit was PLN 22.8 million.

In the latest “Stock Exchange Company of the Year” ranking organized by Puls Biznesu, WP found itself in a small number of highest-rated companies. Wirtualna Polska Holding came 4th, ex aequo with CCC and Comarch. On this occasion, analysts were asked which companies they considered to be most promising in 2019. In this survey, WP Holding was placed in the top 3.

Wirtualna Polska is a media and e-commerce holding group. It owns the WP horizontal portal. It also operates specialized topical and entertainment websites such as, for example, money.pl, WP SportoweFakty and dobreprogramy.pl. According to a Gemius/PBI survey, more than 20.6 million real users used WP’s internet products in August 2019. Wirtualna Polska also broadcasts terrestrial WP TV, available on the CANAL+ platform, in the best cable networks and in the WP Pilot service. In 2020, WP will celebrate its 25th anniversary.