First choice partner of Poles

WP Homepage

8,7 Million

Real users

612,4 Million

Page views

6 Minutes

Average daily usage time per user

Source: Mediapanel, December 2022

WP e-mail service

9 Million

Number of active e-mail accounts

Source: Internal data of WPM, December 2022

Brand awareness

54,1 %

Spontaneus awareness

73,1 %

Aided awareness

Source: TGI Kantar Polska, July - September 2021, internet users aged 15-75

Top 10 websites in terms of real users

WP Kobieta
WP Wiadomości
W SpotoweFakty
WP Strona Główna
WP teleshow
WP Parenting
Source: Mediapanel, December 2022