Wirtualna Polska educates about the fashion industry – "Green Wardrobe"


Wirtualna Polska is implementing the "Green Wardrobe" project, in which it provides education on the environmental aspects and challenges of the fashion industry n Poland and globally. It collaborates with well-known influencers and experts specializing in this area to encourage consumers to shop thoughtfully and raise consumer awareness. On June 22 a free webinar on this topic will be held.

The "Green Wardrobe" is a continuation of WP Naturalnie’s strategic project, which has been implemented by the company since 2020. Initially targeted exclusively at employees, this time it will be available to a wider audience. On June 22, Wirtualna Polska invites you to an open, free webinar entitled: "How not to fall into the trap of consumerism? Or how important it is to make informed decisions in the age of climate change". The meeting will be an opportunity for everyone who wants to adopt a more conscious and environmentally-friendly approach to shopping. The agenda includes presentations by recognized experts:

>Zosia Zochniak, the Co-Founder of UbraniaDoOddania.pl, "My expensive clothes. What does expensive actually mean?",

>Paweł Urbanski, the Co-owner of KNK-Kanaka, "Toxic clothes really exist",

>Agata Frankiewicz, the Founder and CEO of Dekoeko.com, will answer the question "From waste to product – the circular response to excessive consumption".

During a panel, the guests will discuss how not to fall into the trap of consumerism. The meeting will be moderated by Agnieszka Kopacz-Domańska, a journalist from WP TV.

As a part of the "Green Wardrobe" project, two webinars have already been held in cooperation with the Circular Tex Hub: "Responsible Fashion" and "Fashion and Ecology". The experts provided education on the composition of clothes and clothing care and on what the terms circular fashion, upcycling, deadstock and second circulation in fashion actually means. Wirtualna Polska was a patron of the event organized by Circular Tex Hub.

The series of events also included cooperation with "Ubrania Do Oddania", an organization that gives second life to unwanted clothes: clothes and shoes for people in need were collected in all Wirtualna Polska offices. We also initiated cooperation with Sneaker Boyz, a shoe personalization and renovation workshop in Warsaw.Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. continues to carry out responsible activities. This year it adopted a Sustainable Development Strategy for 2022-2025. The document describes three key areas of activity - environment, society and corporate governance - in which the company will carry out the defined tasks. The top goals include media independence, green energy, climate education, diversity, and cybersecurity. The strategy also includes long-term assumptions, with the implementation horizon up to 2030. Over the past two years, the company focused on environmental goals and its "green" transformation, which will enter the next level from 2023 - by that time all of Wirtualna Polska's data centers will be zero-emission.